One gets down all day, Gu Bei et al. have recruited more than 600 people, major part by Heavenly Fate Realm is in the majority, Heavenly Star Realm also has three. , before these three Heavenly Star Realm, for various reasons, has not joined other influences, but saw that the Demon Alliance condition is rich, then has joined.
 Other influences one has recruited all day also dozens individuals.
Day, Demon Alliance then had more than 600 person, almost can seize 1-2 Deity’s Lake.
The influence that Gu Bei just established, has immediately aroused the interest of each influence, as a result of the Gu Bei status, they do not dare to have the conflict with Demon Alliance. Cracks a joke, but Gu Bei Gu Clan first in order successor! Now has provoked Gu Bei, if one day, Gu Bei did become Gu Clan Patriarch? Have't that can face the storm retaliation?
Nie Li also considered this point, therefore made Gu Bei prepare for war on a grand scale, these were not right, for example Gu Heng and Murong Yu these people, no matter you did not incur the hiring, will walk . The contradictory influence, has not wanted to offend Gu Bei generally with no reason at all, on the contrary because of rising of Demon Alliance, but sends for the contact.
Demon Alliance crazy expansion time, Gu Heng, Hua Ling, Murong Yu et al. were jealous, Demon Alliance newly established, expanded so the appearance, that in the future, in this Divine Feather Sect will have their footholds? Depression in heart is hard to speak
In Xiao Yu other institute. Implants God Root after Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li had more ideas, together God Root is insufficient, must make several God Root to be good, this will have continuous Spiritual Stone to deliver. Then can use these Spiritual Stone, supplies a huge influence!
After experiencing frustration of previous generation, Nie Li understood a truth, independent combat is incorrect, wants to resist Sage Emperor, must establish huge can with the influence that it contends with! Can break this by Sage Emperor thought blockade Endless Space and Time.
Sage Emperor has controlled Endless Space and Time including Draconic Ruins Realm, is genuine control of Ancestral Demonic Saint place.
The previous generation can resist with Sage Emperor, is only mysterious Ancestral God Land. The previous generation Ancestral God Land saintess suddenly is missing. Entire Ancestral God Land also changes into golden flame to burn for the ashes together, Sage Emperor then became existence that hoodwinks the public.
Destroys in Ancestral God Land, before the darkness arrives, Nie Li must establish resists the Sage Emperor strength to be good sufficiently!
The first step. First must become Divine Feather Sect Sect Master!
Following one month, Nie Li, Gu Bei and Liu Piao three people together, have reorganized newly-built Demon Alliance, has taught cultivation method of these members Martial Ancestor levels, then chooses these moral characters to be good. Is worth the talent of key training, preparation making them the Demon Alliance genuine elite and backbone.
During entire Demon Alliance fell into has trained intensely.
During this period, Li Hangyun runs over several times, how exchanged to lead knack under with Gu Bei and Liu Piao two people, how to be impartial in administering rewards and punishments, with under the common onset and retreat, made Gu Bei and Liu Piao two people are the growth are also many.
Although Demon Alliance formally has not entered Greater World, but also in the Heavenly Soul Institute agitation wind and cloud, received the attention of many person.
Nie Li, the Yin Meng person said. If we dare to enter Greater World, they will start to hunt and kill us!” Gu Bei looked that said to the Nie Li forced smile.
„Yin Meng?” Nie Li wrinkled the brow, „what influence is this?
Subordinates the influence of Yin Clan aristocratic family, Yin Clan is next to existence of Three Great Families, the person who that influence leads called Yin Wufeng, was Yin Clan first in order successor, Heavenly Axis Realm, communicated with Gu Heng probably really densely. Gu Heng concerned about oneself is Gu, is not good to act, it is estimated that wants to use the hand of Yin Meng. Suppresses our Demon Alliance.” Gu Bei said.
I understood, but does not have anything, we want to enter Greater World to stand firm, must undergo preying surely. At present copes with Yin Clan a little too to be difficult, can only use the hand of Li Hangyun to expand first slowly, I have reached an agreement with Li Hangyun, making Li Hangyun person under lead you to enter Greater World!”
You?” The Gu Bei doubts asked.
„I must handle a matter.” Nie Li mysterious said with a smile.
Gu Bei a little has doubts, does not know that Nie Li wants to make anything, but he had not asked.
 The weather gradually faded out.
Nie Li to Li Hangyun other institute. Then with the Li Hangyun same place, went to Greater World.
Brother Nie Li, I have helped you contact with the buyer, with them why do you buy Deity’s Lake that these soon dry up?” The Li Hangyun doubts asked.
Deity’s Lake that dries up close, one year most also only produces several thousand Spiritual Stone, moreover must send for guarding, really does not have any meaning.
Naturally this is to Li Hangyun this filthy rich person, like Hua Ling that type, Deity’s Lake that dries up close, for them is also very important.
I have the wondrous use, but also looks at Brother Li to keep secret for me!” Nie Li smiles was saying, since he Ling jade Deity’s Lake that said after God Root admits in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, that said that God Root has formed new Deity’s Lake, every month can produce 2,000-3,000 Spiritual Stone.
Moreover incessantly Spiritual Stone!
Those who most made Nie Li shocking was, generally Deity’s Lake will little present Spiritual Stone essence type of thing, only then higher Deity’s Lake had such several thousand 1 probabilities to form the Spiritual Stone essence, but Deity’s Lake in Nie Li Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, one month was born unexpectedly three Spiritual Stone essence.
 The Spiritual Stone essence is equal to 1000 Spiritual Stone together!
Like this calculates that this Deity’s Lake Spiritual Stone output, was simply astonishing.
Purchases Deity’s Lake that dries up close, even if expensive, 6,000-7,000 Spiritual Stone can also handle, but Nie Li most two months can return to the book, even also gain!
Under the leadership of Li Hangyun, Nie Li and a blue robe youth met, that blue robe youth has referred to the distant place float mountain massif, said: „That is hot rain Deity’s Lake, since is the Hangyun Boss' friend, I then had the words to speak frankly, this Deity’s Lake really did not have any future, one year most also only delivered more than 2000 Spiritual Stone, if you wanted, five thousand Spiritual Stone sold to you to be good!” 
The blue robe youth brings more than 70 to defend this Deity’s Lake personally, mixes to select Spiritual Stone by this Deity’s Lake.
„Teng Ze, Nie Li is my brother, 3000 five Spiritual Stone, not bivalence!” Li Hangyun looked that said to the blue robe youth.
Heard the Li Hangyun words, Teng Ze had pondered carefully, the forced smile said: „Good, since Hangyun old mostly said! 
Nie Li paid 3500 hundred Spiritual Stone to give Teng Ze, has completed the transaction.
Teng Ze led the human to walk.  Their this group of people defend around this Deity’s Lake, although hot rain Deity’s Lake has dried up close, the person who however snatches has, perhaps when fell to others hand, gave them 3000 five Spiritual Stone, they fell the bag are secure, it is estimated that wished for earnestly!” Li Hangyun has smiled saying with a smile, „, although we can snatch Deity’s Lake from their hands, however your procedure is right, obtaining enlightenment helps, loses to get little support, cannot, because they are small and weak, recklessly humiliates them.
„Um.” Nie Li is smiling nod, flies high, then flew to fall in Deity’s Lake, entered Deity’s Lake Inscription Pattern bang.
Li Hangyun stared in a big way the eye to look that Nie Li did want to do?
Saw that Nie Li held hot rain Deity’s Lake God Root, then received fast, Li Hangyun asked with amazement: „What thing is this?” He has not thought completely, in Deity’s Lake has such thing unexpectedly.
This is God Root, did not have God Root, the Deity’s Lake quickly avalanche, but this matter, cannot tell other people absolutely, otherwise the consequence is very serious!” Nie Li warned very much earnestly said.
„Understood!” Li Hangyun is a little shocking, immediately should say seriously.
Also receives together God Root, not with the method of military force, the method of but with this type trading! Not only the convenience is quick, will not queer.
Then under the help of Li Hangyun, Nie Li received seven God Root, in addition before two, altogether nine God Root, these God Root will nourish to grow in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, later is Nie Li will provide massive Spiritual Stone continuously!
Naturally, Nie Li did not prepare to finish in light of this, then he must steadily collect God Root!
 „Did Brother Li have Deity’s Lake to sell to me?” Nie Li has thought that looked asked to Li Hangyun.
Li Hangyun revealed color of the feeling embarrassed, said: „Is open about the facts Brother Nie Li, I altogether have controlled three low status Deity’s Lake, these three low status Deity’s Lake also good, every year can produce 20,000-30,000 Spiritual Stone, reason that these three Deity’s Lake are I can control such big influence the basis, naturally, if Brother Nie Li want, I can deliver Deity’s Lake to give Brother Nie Li!”
 Who made Nie Li deliver him God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, a Deity’s Lake value, could not compare God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit!
The words that „delivers do not need but actually, I buy one to the Hangyun brother. The words of price, ten ten thousand Spiritual Stone how?” Nie Li smiles was saying that does not know Deity’s Lake that these have not dried up close, in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, will deliver many Spiritual Stone.
That does not need but actually, gives to Brother Nie Li, Brother Nie Li deliver me God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, if my Li Hangyun links Deity’s Lake unable to take, that also was too rather mean-spirited. I have discovered dereliction Deity’s Lake in the Greater World deep place, moreover probably is medium Deity’s Lake, but that Deity’s Lake has some Dragon Blood Demon Beast protections, I have not set firm resolve to go to attack, happen to this time can draw some troops to pass that medium Deity’s Lake occupying!” Li Hangyun smiles to say.
Although a Li Hangyun face relaxed appearance, but Nie Li can actually understand, since Li Hangyun had not attacked that medium Deity’s Lake, proves there Dragon Blood Demon Beast no small matter.
Nie Li has thought next step: „I to that medium Deity’s Lake a little interest, Brother Li whether to lead me to have a look in the past?”

 Li Hangyun listened slightly one startled, said hurriedly: „What Brother Nie Li do not go is good, there was too dangerous!”

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