Sky Alliance these people, very much had the opinion at heart, to cope with Hua Ling such selects the human, unexpectedly sent their more than 200 person to come, really dragged in too many people, waste time! Concerned about is Li Hangyun sends them to come, they do not dare to say anything.
However Li Hu Spiritual Stone that Nie Li delivers, distributes after the Sky Alliance people, they did not have the opinion.  Nie Li is really the straightforward atmosphere, has delivered so many Spiritual Stone all of a sudden, distributes in each individual hand, unexpectedly more than 50, run such, unexpectedly has such high income, they are very happy, this are more than Spiritual Stone that their one month gains. Thinks carefully that such, this Mr. Nie Li unexpectedly gets rid is ten thousand Spiritual Stone!
 My heaven, this financial resource, were too astonishing!  
To help Nie Li blocks off Hua Ling these people, Li Hangyun sent enough more than 200 person to come, indicated that attaching great importance to of Li Hangyun Nie Li, this Mr. Nie Li was not absolutely simple! They also mixed in Draconic Ruins Realm these many years, all people hurried to receive the heart of original contempt all of a sudden, did not have what resentment to this motion again!
Saw that Nie Li plunders toward Ling jade Deity’s Lake, Li Hu et al. had doubts looks to Nie Li, what does Nie Li run up to Ling jade Deity’s Lake to make?
Although Ling jade Deity’s Lake delivers Spiritual Stone, however one year also delivers several thousand, Nie Li gets rid is over ten thousand Spiritual Stone, will care selects Spiritual Stone?
Xiao Yu and Liu Piao wanted with coming up, but was stopped by calling out by Nie Li, Nie Li only one person arrived at Ling jade Deity’s Lake.
In Ling jade Deity’s Lake.  
Sees only the both feet infiltration of Nie Li in pool of water, writes down Inscription Pattern rapidly.
Said that Inscription Pattern falls.  
These Inscription Pattern bang enter bottom of Deity’s Lake unceasingly, the water splash splash, the pool of water bottom quickly has composed mysterious Inscription Pattern seal, entire Ling jade Deity’s Lake shivered fiercely.
In Inscription Pattern seal erupts the intensely bright ray unceasingly, in the profound pool of water, a shadow rose slowly, this shadow a little like is a snake, but actually not.
This is the Deity’s Lake source is. God Root in fable!  
The Draconic Ruins Realm earth deep place will breed some mysterious has the intelligence thing, is called God Root, God Root breeds for several thousand years in the place bottom, has absorbed the essence of world. Has waited till certain time, it will be bringing the hill same soil, slowly rises airborne, has formed Deity’s Lake, in absorbs Heavenly Law Power between world unceasingly. Breeds Spiritual Stone at the same time, its oneself is also growing.
The average people do not know that existence of God Root, God Root hides in the deep soil, has the intelligence, was very difficult to find, once Deity’s Lake dried up, God Root baseless will also extinguish. Only then special Inscription Pattern seal, can pull slowly from the soil God Root.
Nie Li puts out a hand to grip God Root, sees only that God Root to keep struggling, is to escape likely.
To run. It is not easy!  The Nie Li right hand moves, has thrown into God Root Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.  
Finally caught first God Root!  Capture God Root, will continue to breed in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, although Ling jade Deity’s Lake God Root, already at failure condition, but better than nothing!
Nie Li has grazed.  Li Hu saw probably Nie Li took any thing from Ling jade Deity’s Lake, has not actually paid attention is anything.
Nie Li has grazed, said with a smile: „We walk!”  One group of people graze to go.  After Nie Li et al. walked, sees only that float Ling jade Deity’s Lake avalanche in sky to disintegrate rapidly, has crashed from the sky.
Ling jade Deity’s Lake vanished thoroughly!  Several days later. Hua Ling led a troop person to return to here, but here, where also had what Ling jade Deity’s Lake?
Sees this, the Hua Ling angrily rave. The whole body is angry: „Nie Li, Li Hangyun, you kill me, unexpectedly destroys my Deity’s Lake, I have not ended with you!”
How Hua Ling does not think clearly, murder. Why destroys Deity’s Lake? After who kills people, destroys Deity’s Lake directly? This also too bitter hatred? Ling jade Deity’s Lake also delivers several thousand Spiritual Stone every year, as for the below such ruthless hand?
The major influences in Greater World, fall over one another to snatch many of Deity’s Lake, but after has not seen some people had killed people, Deity’s Lake also gives to extinguish directly.
Actually this he is any matter!  The Hua Ling air/Qi results in the lip to shake, this is simply heartless!
 Did not have Ling jade Deity’s Lake, wants to provide for at the Hua Ling income these people is very under difficult, wants to compete for new Deity’s Lake, does not have that strength, destroys my Deity’s Lake, this enmity is absolutely irreconcilable! Hua Ling thinks impulsion that ruined Deity’s Lake, one type wants to spit blood.
Xiao Yu other institute.  Nie Li calmly is practicing in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, God Root that before grasped, condensed an float hill slowly, above has formed not big Deity’s Lake slowly.
Moreover Nie Li feels that God Root in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, obtained enormous nourishing. Draconic Ruins Realm inside Heavenly Law Power is thin, Heavenly Law Power that therefore God Root can absorb is extremely limited, but Heavenly Law Power in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, is almost inexhaustible.
Heavenly Law Power, just liked the tide generally toward Deity’s Lake turbulent the past.
But God Root this type of thing, once obtains nourishing of Heavenly Law Power, vigorously will grow.
In Deity’s Lake, already unceasingly birth Spiritual Stone . Moreover the output must be much more.
Really in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, is more suitable to breed Deity’s Lake! Why does not know, before that had Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting Expert, has not bred Deity’s Lake in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. However what Nie Li does not know, on Expert has Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, the picture in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is not the present this, but after experiencing several wars, all in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, regained the most initial condition.
When Nie Li practices with concentration, the Heavenly Soul Institute pledge palace, today by chance is the pledge palace open day, here everywhere is a human, many influences are recruiting the new person to ally.
Gu Bei and Liu Piao orthometric height sound was shouting.  The Demon Alliance hiring, provided two ten Spiritual Stone every month, various allowances! Above Earth Spiritual Root, every month three ten Spiritual Stone, Heaven Spiritual Root, every month four ten Spiritual Stone!”
„Exceeds the time limit does not wait, the person who signs the treaty of alliance can obtain the subsidies of three ten Spiritual Stone immediately!”
Once signs the treaty of alliance, will be restrained by the treaty of alliance, but most new person, will choose to join the major influences, to 2 Fate Realm above, they have been able to go to Greater World, wants to go to Greater World, only depends independent combat is incorrect! In order to obtain resources, they must become of major influences.
Hears Gu Bei and Liu Piao shout.  Many people have welled up toward Gu Bei, the most new person joins other influences, the treatment is very low, every month can have ten Spiritual Stone to be good, but Gu Bei, Liu Piao et al., have provided Spiritual Stone of several fold unexpectedly every month!
However many people somewhat are scruple, before these new people join each influence, will choose, must follow one to have a future point Boss, once after all signs the treaty of alliance, only if the special situation, the treaty of alliance has been effective, if tears the treaty of alliance, they were very difficult to stand firm in Divine Feather Sect again, will become by the person of spurning.
The new people who surrounds whoop.  „These two person what origins?” „Don't you know? That youth is Gu Bei, just determined that because of fusing God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, but is promoted as Gu Clan first in order successor!”
Hears this saying, new person eyes have shone, Gu Clan first in order successor, later perhaps will become Gu Patriarch! Moreover Gu Bei has not formed the influence in Greater World, now joins, if Gu Bei becomes Gu Clan Patriarch, they from the feudal official of dragon!
This absolutely is a greatest enticement!  Let alone, Gu Bei pledges the condition that such astonishingly has enticed.  New people have signed the treaty of alliance with Gu Bei quickly.
However, these new people discovered that the Demon Alliance Boss unexpectedly is not Gu Bei, but also has someone else, their human to this mysterious, has produced that some curiously, is actually, unexpectedly makes Gu Bei such person be willing to occupy its under?
These are recruiting all influence of new person, looks that the continuous new person has rushed that side Gu Bei and Liu Piao, coming their here people few.  
After all, treatment condition missed are too many!
 Has a look treatment that oneself gives, has a look at Gu Bei they to give the treatment of new person again, absolutely did not have the words saying that was responsible for the hiring several, wants to hire oneself simply Demon Alliance.
„Slow point slowly!” The person who the feeling pushes were too many, Liu Piao hurries to shout shouts to clear the way, however on his face is having the excited expression.
He has not thought completely that Demon Alliance was just open for business, unexpectedly some these many people visited, look at the appearance that this was fully occupied, Liu Piao can imagine in the future the spectacular scene when Greater World striving for hegemony world simply, waved, tens of thousands of Expert blotted out the sky, thinks a little to be unexpectedly excited excited.
„So long as puts one's heart and soul to our Demon Alliance, we will not treat unjustly you absolutely, so long as our Demon Alliance, everyone has sent one to suit your own the Martial Ancestor level Cultivation Technique laws of practice, to Heavenly Star Realm, person of Rank 3 Artifact, to Heavenly Axis Realm, the excellent level and Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, my Gu Bei has all meant what he says!” Gu Bei said proudly that this is the Nie Li original words.
Hears the Gu Bei words, all people burst with joy.
This treatment , was too rather scary! Everyone Martial Ancestor level Cultivation Technique method did not say that unexpectedly also sends Artifact, sends the excellent level and Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, my heaven.
All people felt that warm-blooded burns again, these also indecisive talents, set firm resolve, with Gu Bei absolutely not wrong!

Each other people of influence look one entrance is desolate, Demon Alliance front a babel of voices, depressed has gone bad, has such plays? Absolutely does not have the custom! Gu Bei did not fear that Gu was played by him poorly?

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