Greater World, north Divine Feather Sect, Ling jade Deity’s Lake.
Place that Ling jade Deity’s Lake is one floats the spatial hill, in the hill the water seepage surges, flies straight , the central committee of hill will have a deep pool pool of water, in the pool of water will breed once for a while some Spiritual Stone.
Deity’s Lake will absorb massive Heavenly Law Power from the surroundings, then breeds Spiritual Stone, Draconic Ruins Realm because of existences of massive Deity’s Lake, therefore Heavenly Law Power between world becomes very thin, but the people also obtained from Deity’s Lake were condensing massive Heavenly Law Power Spiritual Stone.
Deity’s Lake is the same with the flowers and plants trees, has certain life, within 3000 Deity’s Lake, will be the most exuberant time, the Spiritual Stone quantity of every year having will be most, once in 3000, Deity’s Lake slowly will have dried up.
But Ling jade Deity’s Lake had more than 5000 years, during one year are most also only delivers several thousand Spiritual Stone, generally is big a point the influence, will not care about Ling jade Deity’s Lake, therefore this Deity’s Lake, by the Hua Ling gang occupying.
Hua Ling in Ling jade Deity’s Lake inspection, he was just obtaining two quite good news exactly recently, is considered as on double happiness descend on the house, is very happy, a news is, Ling jade Deity’s Lake slowly, unexpectedly a little sign of recovery, a good news is, Xiao Yu was encircled by his person has killed one time, this made Hua Ling is very happy.
Hua Ling looked at Xiao Yu not to be feeling well very much long time ago, Xiao Yu coldly arrogantly visits him each time, moreover a male chauvinist, long must compare a woman to be attractive unexpectedly, appeared each time brings in woman's scream, making him very bothersome.
„Xiao Yu that fellow brings upon oneself, later he dares to come Greater World, I see his one time, kills his one time! Who makes his father dare with my father to struggle the position!” Hua Ling coldly snort, has turned head to look at Ling jade Deity’s Lake, this Ling jade Deity’s Lake, is he in the basis that in Greater World bases, every year delivers several thousand Spiritual Stone, although are not many, but was also quite good.
Their altogether more than 60 individuals, can divide to per year per person much. Moreover usually guards time. Also practiced in the nearby has been OK, because does not have what influence to come with them to rob Ling jade Deity’s Lake basically.
Naturally, Expert from Little Heaven Realm, may continue their this group of people. In the remote Greater World deep place, other Little Heaven Realm Expert, occupied some Deity’s Lake.
When their one group of people practice, three Aura graze.
Hua Ling fixes the eyes on to look that in eye pupil flashes through wisp of cold brightness. Immediately laughs saying: „Xiao Yu this idiot, dares to appear in here unexpectedly, really does not know how dead, thinks that led two people, how can we?”
The Xiao Yu back strength, Hua Ling is clear, the Tiny World talented person is on the wane, entire Divine Feather Sect also came from Tiny World on few people!
Even if has killed Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu does not have the place to cry.
But this Xiao Yu unexpectedly also dares to come, was really the head is clamped by the gate.
Nie Li, Xiao Yu and Liu Piao three people fly high to stand. Is overlooking Ling jade Deity’s Lake nearby people.
Nie Li gaze fell on Hua Ling of distant place.
„Hua Ling, you come out to me!” Liu Piao is shouting to Ling jade Deity’s Lake.
Whiz whiz whiz, more than 60 forms plunder the sky.
Hua Ling gaze fell on the Xiao Yu three people, the corners of the mouth has revealed one to sneer: „Xiao Yu, it seems like you also want dead again one time! One brought death, unexpectedly also brought two dying young ghosts!”
„Hua Ling, your many people bully Xiao Yu one, did not have the face!” Liu Piao left hand fork waist, the right hand is pointing at Hua Ling, said. „You said how this matter should be solved, loses money, kneels down to kowtow to admit mistakes?”
„Loses money? Kowtows to admit mistakes?” Hua Ling heard the joke of any unusual comedy probably, has laughed. „Did your brains enter the water? You think that Greater World with was the same in Heavenly Soul Institute? Three fools!”
Hua Ling behind people erupt a laughing sound. The Nie Li three people really do not know so-called, do three people, unexpectedly also dare such to clamor before them?
„Injures my person, must pay some prices, you leave behind all things, pays indemnity for the damage of Xiao Yu. I can not kill you.” Nie Li appears calm calm, gaze has swept Hua Ling et al. swiftly and fiercely.
Hears the Nie Li words, the face of Xiao Yu slightly feels hot, lowers the head does not know that is thinking anything.
„Does not know so-called, unexpectedly also wants us to lose money? In this Greater World, the law of the jungle, does not have the strength, dares to be so rampant, how is really dead does not know.” Hua Ling waves, shouts to clear the way, „brothers, making these idiots leave the soul palace.”
60 people outflank rapidly, has formed the potential of encirclement to the Nie Li three people.
„Is the law of the jungle that you said that since this, that did not have the means!” Nie Li shrugs, gaze looks at Hua Ling densely.
Flash that the Nie Li voice drops, formidable Qi lock Hua Ling as well as his person under directly is unable to move.
This is absolute crush strength!
Li Hangyun has sent one crowd of Heavenly Star Realm, even also one is Heavenly Axis Realm, all obeys the instruction of Nie Li, but the Hua Ling subordinate, is one crowd of Heavenly Fate Realm, this completely is not a strength of level.
Hua Ling turns the head difficultly, discovered that they had been surrounded by one group of people, the opposite party enough more than 200 person, that several of lead, Hua Ling can recognize, is the Li Hangyun person!
„Hua Ling, you as if do not grow the memory, the Hangyun Boss said that lets you to Nie Li, you do not listen unexpectedly, that do not blame us!” The Li Hu sinking sound said that a terrifying pressure suppressed toward Hua Ling et al. under.
Under the strength of this terror, Hua Ling almost puts out a blood, at heart that depressed, Nie Li this fellow moved the reinforcement to come unexpectedly, even if between Nie Li and Li Hangyun had that some friendship, but actually do Nie Li please move Li Hangyun to send these many people for him over? Hua Ling really a little cannot think through, after all Nie Li absolutely does not have any background power and influence!
Li Hangyun Sky Alliance, is in the middle of the influence of young generation of control, an extremely formidable strength, at is not Hua Ling such selects the human to resist!
„Don't I have the enmity with Hangyun Boss not resentment, why the Hangyun Boss must help them cope with me?” Hua Ling looks to Li Hu, a little despondently asked.
„This is not you should manage! We listen to Mr. Nie Li instruction now, your destinies completely grasp in Mr. Nie Li hand!” Li Hu a little disdain said that if not the order of Li Hangyun, like the person of Hua Ling this rank, is not worth his fight!
„Killed them completely!” The Nie Li sinking sound said that to is truly same, Hua Ling said the law of the jungle in Greater World that was law, the countless person mutual competitions slaughtered mutually, to fight for more resources, became by oneself stronger.
If Xiao Yu had been killed by Hua Ling, they do not tit for fat, then Hua Ling et al. will reach out for a yard after taking an inch absolutely!
The Li Hangyun subordinate approached toward Hua Ling et al. slowly.
For safety's sake, Li Hangyun sent more than 200 person to give Nie Li, including several were the Heavenly Star levels, Li Hu of Heavenly Axis level.
Hua Ling understands that at this time, his complexion looked said submissively useless cold to Li Hu: „I do not understand why Li Hangyun must help these three boys cope with me! What I must say, our Little Heaven Realm is also not good to bully, if you have killed us, was equal to that makes war with all our Little Heaven Realm masters, he did not fear that our Little Heaven Realm masters do retaliate? Li Hangyun is Ashen Flames Family third in order successor, antagonizes people too, competes the position of Patriarch to him, hundred harm not to have an advantage!”
Hua Ling tries to convince Li Hu, but Hua Ling spoke any words actually useless.
If trades to be other people outside Nie Li, Li Hangyun will definitely not make such big effort to destroy completely Hua Ling et al. to set up the powerful enemy, but Nie Li is different, compares Nie Li to give his God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, what this is small busy?
Li Hu said with a smile indifferently: „Are you are threatening us? Whom our Sky Alliance has not feared! If must make war, that came!”
„Such being the case, my Hua Ling today has planted, but this account, I sooner or later will ask for!” Hua Ling hears the Li Hu words, finally cut off the last hope.
Li Hu void palm vigor wield, only listens bang bang bang, Hua Ling et al. whole bodies rupture, the blood rain flutters about.
This simply is the lopsided slaughter!
In the Liu Piao heart is flabbergasted, he contacted with Li Hu was so long, only knows that Li Hu was loyal to Li Hangyun, looked like side Li Hangyun a servant is ordinary, but has not thought that the Li Hu strength so was unexpectedly strong, these many masters of Heavenly Fate level, was divides the minute to kill completely.
Li Hu strength, complete crush Hua Ling this group of people.
Destroys completely Hua Ling this group of people, was helps Xiao Yu leave foul odor!
„Mr. Nie Li, this is Interspatial Ring that Hua Ling they drop!” Li Hu absorbs void, has restrained Interspatial Ring that Hua Ling et al. left behind, gives Nie Li to say.
After Greater World died, all things, including Interspatial Ring, Artifact wait, are robbed, therefore the average person too does not dare to come out the precious thing belt, Hua Ling et al. in Interspatial Ring does not have many good thing.
Nie Li looks to Li Hu, shows a faint smile saying: „Many thanks the Sky Alliance brothers lend a hand to help one another, the Sky Alliance brothers come the help, can I make them return empty-handed? Do these things apportion the brothers?” The Nie Li right hand moved, throws has installed massive Spiritual Stone Interspatial Ring to Li Hu one.
Li Hu said hurriedly: „Is our family sons sends us to come, how do we feel all right to receive your thing?”
„Is impolite, this should be, helping me run about, must a little travel expense be, otherwise appears I too to be how could it not be mean-spirited? Li Hangyun there I will say that if not receive, too did not give me the face!” The Nie Li hearty laughter said.
Li Hu thinks that then again has not refused, to receive.

„You, and waits in here, I urge to go faster come!” Nie Li jumps to plunder toward Ling jade Deity’s Lake of distant place.

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