Situ Beiyan gaze shot a look at one toward the distant place, does not know that is what reason, Nie Li has not come unexpectedly.

Was Long Tianming has used what method? Caused Nie Li unable to come?

No matter Nie Li cannot come, that words of Nie Li about Long Tianming, has caused his vigilance to the Long Tianming, he is will not make Long Tianming mount the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master absolutely.

Situ Beiyan has drunk one coldly, waves, sees only one crowd of Expert to howl, started to launch the exploratory attack to Long Tianming that team of troops.

„You thought that Situ Beiyan can win, can Long Tianming win?” The surrounding Divine Feather Sect juniors whoop.

„Naturally was brother Situ!”

Situ Beiyan is the child of Sect Master, his influence slightly has pressed since Long Tianming, therefore other people generally compare to favor Situ Beiyan.

„Long Tianming is also not weak match and that is clear!”

Liu Piao, Li Xingyun, Gu Bei et al. are also observing in the one side, they were depressed, prepare to be so long, now actually can only look at Long Tianming and a Situ Beiyan war, did not have their anything matter on the contrary. However Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan, if both choose its one, they support certainly Situ Beiyan.

Long Yuyin stands in the middle of the Dragon Seal Family crowd, regarding Long Tianming, she has a repugnance and loathing of the heart, she looks, but must go back to look after Nie Li.

gaze of people focused at the central showdown.

This showdown, might determine the entire Divine Feather Sect destiny very much.


Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan potential under fought vigorously one group, both sides were unexpectedly well-matched, make no distinction between victory and defeat.

Whiz whiz whiz!

In Long Tianming subordinate, six Dao of Dragon Realm Expert **** however left, starts to slaughter crazily.

„Six Dao of Dragon Realm!” In Situ Beiyan heart one startled, except for these six Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, Situ Beiyan discovered that Long Tianming as if also hid some masters, the rough estimate, at least also had three Dao of Dragon Realm masters.

When did Long Tianming recruit these many masters?

Situ Beiyan has roared, directed five Dao of Dragon Realm masters under to meet head-on.

The Dao of Dragon Realm Expert showdown, the scene is much more chaotic.

Five giants each other are exchanging.

A voice of woman conveys, is exquisite gods in five big giant Senior, she is the Long Yuyin paternal grandmother, is the entire Divine Feather Sect pivotal character.

„It seems like Situ Beiyan must lose, acts the position of Sect Master, can give my Dragon Seal Family?” The sound that the exquisite god Senior is charming, was somewhat similar to Long Yuyin mother Long Shuyun, making the human listen to the bone to be crisp.

Day Wu Shenzun said with a smile lightly: „Acts the position of Sect Master, those who are able occupy it, gives Dragon Seal Family why not?”

„Sect Master, you said that may not be right, our Dragon Seal Family snatches obviously by the strength, it can be said that lets? Just, Nie Li that boy has arranged so many, gave back to us to deliver the so many wondrous medicines, how not to snatch, disappointing people quite!”

„Exquisite, if Nie Li came, can rob Long Tianming the position of proxy Sect Master?” Another dragon flame god Senior to open the mouth to say.

„Dragon flame, my can it be that mean-spirited person. Nie Li gives our compounded drug, enough our Cultivation promote a rank, the light is so, must be more important than the position of this agent Sect Master. If he came, how the position of this agent Sect Master gives to him!” The exquisite god Senior to say with a smile.

„Exquisite, this was you said that do not renege on a promise!”

„That is natural!”

The Divine Feather Sect five gods revere, day Wu Shenzun, Long Yanshen Senior, Hierarch Skycloud and exquisite god to honor, the scarlet blood god to honor, these five giants are existences of Divine Feather Sect peak prop level, because of their existences, Demon God Sect and other realm of the devil Divine Sect does not dare to invade Divine Feather Sect, their Cultivation, promote a rank every time, might determine the Divine Feather Sect destiny.

Before Hierarch Skycloud brought these wondrous medicines to them the time, they a little have not believed that afterward after having taken the wondrous medicines, shocked in these wondrous medicines formidable efficacies, in them progressed slowly, has promoted a rank , to promote quick day Wu Shenzun, promoting two ranks, Hierarch Skycloud to promote three ranks.

Martial Ancestor Realm , to promote a rank every time, difficult such as to ascend to heaven, simultaneously every time promotes a rank, Cultivation also doubled and re-doubled to grow!

It can be said that contribution of Nie Li to Divine Feather Sect, has surpassed all people, even if Nie Li is a boy of unknown origin, Nie Li also definitely has enough qualifications becomes acts the position of Sect Master.

At this time Long Tianming and battles of Situ Beiyan two influences, entered the process of superheating, Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan have also joined in the regiment, they at this moment, are existences of Dao of Dragon Realm.

Situ Beiyan has roared, fused Demon Spirit, his Demon Spirit is a day blood anger dragon, the whole body is burning the blazing flame, that sharp lackey, passes is absorbing the cold brightness of person. This day blood anger dragon enough reaches as high as several meters, the whole body is passing terror Aura.

„Unexpectedly is day of blood anger dragon, in God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, was considered as the excellent variety!” The Divine Feather Sect disciples exude the sound of intermittent calling out in alarm.

The day blood anger dragon that sees the Situ Beiyan fusion, the Long Tianming corners of the mouth shows a faint smile, reveals some facial expressions of disdaining, has drunk one coldly, the whole body started the change, quick, huge Black Dragon appeared in the lines of sight of all people.

A head of this only Black Dragon, wants compared with the Situ Beiyan day blood anger dragon on a big way many.

Meanwhile, whole body pan- mysterious metallic luster.

„How possible?”

„Did Long Tianming trade Demon Spirit? Unexpectedly is the dark Saint dragon!”

God level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit is very rare, simultaneously some Dragon Blood Demon Spirit are stronger, for example Nie Li Holy Blood Wing Dragon and Long Tianming dark Saint dragon, was topest existence.

„Situ Beiyan, you admit defeat, your is impossible is my match!” Long Tianming long has roared, wields the black steel claw, gets angry Long Zhua to go toward the day blood of Situ Beiyan.


A dark Saint dragon claw bombardment on the body of day of blood anger dragon, flew the day blood anger dragon entire bang.

In the Situ Beiyan heart has filled unwillingly, thinks that Nie Li to these words that he spoke, if he lost, again also nobody prevented Long Tianming.

Situ Beiyan is roaring, the strength of stimulation of movement day blood anger dragon, hits toward Long Tianming.

Beforehand time, Long Tianming strength far and away is always inferior in his, why did not know, growth far and away of strength has surpassed him now, moreover had dark Saint dragon formidable Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, if said that behind Long Tianming nobody supported, Situ Beiyan did not believe decidedly.

These that Nie Li said that are very likely really!

Must prevent Long Tianming!( To be continued.)

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