Nie Li dashes about wildly, has crashed among Gu Heng this group of people directly.

Flickers, the following Lightning Fire wing snake King flushed, has crashed in the crowd with Nie Li.

„My mother!”


Gu Heng troop people under are off their feet immediately.

Bang bang bang.

The speed of Lightning Fire wing snake King was too fast, its huge stature hit on the bodies of these people, dozens hits immediately personally meets a cruel death, the flame heads on, dozens were calling instantaneously also out pitifully in the roaring flame being reduced to ashes.

This Lightning Fire wing snake King simply is invincible existence!

Gu Heng saw this, in the eye pupil reveals color with amazement, was bringing one crowd of person turn tails.

Facing this Lightning Fire wing snake King, Gu Heng absolutely does not have any thought of resistance. Must know that it is existence of Dao of Dragon Realm!

Nie Li gaze was only one sweeps Gu Heng, the corners of the mouth has shown a faint smile, he clearly knows one must die without doubt, but since Gu Heng in here, that were also embarrassed, black and white two wing leaves, whiz changed to the time to flush away in the Gu Heng direction fiercely together.

„Bastard, don't with me! If with me, you dies like a dog again! Nie Li, I must let your state of mind Ju Mie!” Gu Heng discovered that Nie Li follows unexpectedly in own behind, immediately cursed angry.

Although Nie Li has Heavenly Fate Realm, however the Nie Li speed, is much faster, is not inferior in him!

Made him feel what feared, the speed of Lightning Fire wing snake King was faster, was shortly getting more and more near.

Nie Li fans the wing to speed away, closely pursues in Gu Heng behind, at the same time said superficially: „Mr. Gu, I am not intentional, behind Lightning Fire wing snake chases after and never gives up, I do not know that which toward runs!”

„You must die oneself dead, in Viera I!” Gu Heng grazes, keeps cursing.

„I do not want to draw in Mr. Gu, this also has no recourse, or Mr. Gu sends for blocking this Lightning Fire wing snake. I not with you!” Nie Li smiles saying that sees the Gu Heng so distressed appearance, was at heart happy immediately.

Hears the Nie Li words, the Gu Heng lung is about to explode with rage. Nie Li is not concerned about face simply! Let me send for stopping up Lightning Fire wing snake, do you quite escape?

„All people block him to me, gives me to do maliciously!” Gu Heng was roaring loudly, his under several people have intercepted the past toward Nie Li.

Formidable Aura locks to Nie Li, making the Nie Li speed slow.

Nie Li after is only 3 Fate Realm. In the Gu Heng subordinate has much is Heavenly Star Heavenly Axis Realm, then totally was closed off the way.

It seems like could not run away, but all these as he expected, having made Gu Heng lose these many people, value.

The following Lightning Fire wing snake King pursued quickly, opens mouth to emit the blazing flame.


The scalding hot flame passes through Nie Li, Nie Li two one black, lost the consciousness.

After arriving at Greater World, this was his first death.

After the Lightning Fire wing snake King strikes kills Nie Li. Nie Li Aura vanished thoroughly, but on Nie Li, does not have anything to fall. In Deity’s Lake Nie Li by thing that takes away, still had not found!

The distant place belongs to its Deity’s Lake, the avalanche, the Lightning Fire wing snake King actually completely does not know thoroughly what happened, has been full of the anger.

This crowd of mean sly humanity, certainly are Nie Li in escaping, transmitted thing to others!

In the Lightning Fire wing snake King eyes pupil has flashed through the terror ominous light, changes to together the time. Starts to slaughter the surrounding all people crazily.

Saw that after Nie Li was intercepted massacres, Gu Heng relaxed, Nie Li this repugnant fellow has not pursued finally in behind, then that Lightning Fire wing snake King should not pursue again!

However. Turned head to look at one, present makes him frighten is frightened out of one's wits, after Nie Li was struck killed, the Lightning Fire wing snake King seemed to be angrier, started to slaughter crazily, pursues in behind of his under these people. Expels to massacre.

After is the Dao of Dragon Realm Lightning Fire wing snake King, his under that group of people absolutely do not have strength of the resistance.

Saw that the Lightning Fire wing snake King massacres dozens individuals, comes toward here, Gu Heng frightens heavily.

„You a bit faster escort me to leave!” Gu Heng sank to drink one to say.

Surrounding one group of people have gathered toward Gu Heng, starts to escort Gu Heng to dash about wildly toward outside.

After the Lightning Fire wing snake King links has been slaughtering dozens individuals, gaze falls on Gu Heng et al. the bodies, its wisdom is not low, looked, Gu Heng is in this group of people the most important person, other people are escorting Gu Heng to leave!

The Lightning Fire wing snake King fans the wing fiercely, abandons other people, pursues toward Gu Heng.

Saw this, Gu Heng then wants to understand instantaneously, scolded depressed: „All people cannot with me, lead away to me that snake!”

Whiz whiz whiz.

One group of people disperse rapidly.

However after this group of people disperse, the Lightning Fire wing snake King has still expelled toward Gu Heng.

Sees this, Gu Heng was speechless, why these many people, can the Lightning Fire wing snake King pursue him? The heart that he cries had.

The Lightning Fire wing snake King threw toward him quickly.

At this time, Li Hangyun brought under to evacuate, these time lost more than 200 people. As for Gu Heng et al., Li Hangyun being disinclined manages, first walked said again, so as to avoid by the Lightning Fire wing snake King staring.

Heavenly Soul Institute, soul palace.

The soul palace is a very huge construction, inside is incomparably open void, void is standing erect giant jet black iron tanks, dense and numerous, several millions, have formed a strange world fully.

And in an iron tank, one group of yellow soul flame calmly are burning.

, This decadent soul flame sends out the dazzling ray suddenly, slowly condensed the mortal body.

After 67 hours, Nie Li walked from the soul palace.

Cultivation only then 2 Fate Realm . Moreover the following some time, Nie Li is also at the Fate Soul not steady stage, is unable to entrust to Fate Soul in the soul palace, therefore cannot go to Greater World.

Must to consolidate Fate Soul first was good!

Although Cultivation truly returned to 2 Fate Realm, what made Nie Li a little strange was, Fate Soul of Nie Li within the body was still three, the safflower yellow tricolor, was only yellow that together slightly obviously weak.

Properly speaking falls from 3 Fate Realm to 2 Fate Realm, Fate Soul will extinguish is together right, however Nie Li Fate Soul has not extinguished unexpectedly.

Fate Soul has not extinguished, it seems like can practice quickly!

Nie Li extended one to stretch, these time went to the Greater World harvest is quite rich, has gotten so far as medium Deity’s Lake God Root, does not know that this God Root in Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, will produce many Spiritual Stone. Even if died one time, that was also worth.

Li Hangyun et al. far and away see soul palace entrance Nie Li, immediately welcomed.

„Really has been a pity, cannot protect you, did God Root also lose?” Li Hangyun looked that said to the Nie Li forced smile.

Nie Li shook the head, says with a smile: „God Root also, many thanks the Hangyun brother!”

Heard the Nie Li words, Li Hangyun has gawked slightly staring, does not know how Nie Li after dying has also been able to attain God Root, since God Root has succeeded in obtaining, that these does not calculate that ran a fruitless errand.

„We go to Hangyun brother's other institute together!” Nie Li shows a faint smile to say.

„Good.” Li Hangyun nodded.

When they are about to leave, one group of people walked from the soul palace one after another.

This group of people all are Gu Heng people under!

far and away then saw that Gu Heng was black the face to walk from the soul palace, when he saw Nie Li and Li Hangyun two people, immediately the personal enemy met, particularly was jealous.

Sees the Gu Heng appearance, Li Hangyun was happy immediately, said with a smile: „Oh, this is not Mr. Gu, Mr. Gu was this? Did you come out from the soul palace?”

„Li Hangyun and Nie Li, you to me, this account we have not been ending!” Gu Heng said with clenched jaws.

„Mr. Gu this has spoken discreetly, where we offended you, unexpectedly spoke such unfeeling words?” Li Hangyun pretends to say innocently that actually blossomed at heart happily, Gu Heng these people want to follow in his behind to pick the peach, finally steals a chicken inadequate counter- eclipse rice, went to the pit oneself.

The Gu Heng heart in the drop blood, oneself led more than 700 individuals, although did not know many, but at least also over 300-400, he knew in here only then by Li Hangyun and share of Nie Li ridicule, face darken: „You leave are too favorite, later gives me carefully!”

Gu Heng had one crowd under to leave.

Saw that Gu Heng et al. left, the Li Hangyun corners of the mouth cast aside slightly, in Greater World, his every large or small fight experienced not several thousand also several hundred, whom but also has not feared really!

Nie Li smiles to say with a smile: „This sufficing made Gu Heng depressed very long, we walked!”

Nie Li with the Li Hangyun same place, to Li Hangyun other institute, has settled accounts to Li Hangyun subordinate everyone, has spent at least hundreds of thousands Spiritual Stone, but this to Nie Li, but is a drop in the bucket.

After finishing, Nie Li returned to Xiao Yu other institute, started to dive to cultivate.

The weather got dark gradually, the bright moon is hanging.


Outside has heard the knock.

Nie Li opens the eye, has stood, opens the door, sees only Long Yuyin to stand before the gate animated, she has worn a white silk skirt, appeared in the past her a little not too, almost made Nie Li a little unable to recognize, usual she always liked wearing the tight-fitting vigor attire, will appear valiant, however present she, is actually the entirely different image.

White silk skirt made her compared with usually many several points of gentle, has saying that Long Yuyin truly was a beautiful woman silkworm embryo, no matter any clothing can always put on several points of flavor to come out.

„Master, can today help me make a connection with the acupuncture point?” In the Long Yuyin nimble and resourceful eye pupil has a hope to look to Nie Li, since knows that Nie Li can open her acupuncture point, stimulates her potential, practiced martial art crazy she then unable to repress, after knowing Nie Li to come back, impatiently caught up.

Does not know to make a connection with the acupuncture point, what feeling can be?

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