Long Tianming looks at Situ Beiyan proudly: „No matter you are not whether willingly, you very long time ago were not my match! Moreover the influence that you control, missed much with me.

The Long Tianming subordinate with the Situ Beiyan subordinate tangled warfare, has had the suppresive superiority quickly, after all Long Tianming subordinate, but has six Dao of Dragon Realm masters!

„Go away!” Long Tianming shouted angrily, a dark Saint dragon palm bombardment that his incarnation becomes on day blood anger dragon, got angry Long Jifei the day blood.

Situ Beiyan has drawn back several hundred meters crazily, changed the original appearance, covered the chest to spit blood to continue, his unwilling heart also wants to continue a war, above broadcast a broad sound: „Beiyan, you lost, does not need to hit again!”

Situ Beiyan was depressed, he finally was not the Long Tianming match!

But, Divine Feather Sect future what to do?

Day Wu Shenzun gaze fell on the body of Situ Beiyan, sighed slightly, then took a fast look around audience Divine Feather Sect all disciples, said: „This ratio fights, Long Tianming victory!”

Heard the day of Wu Shenzun words, on the face of Long Tianming reveals some self-satisfied facial expressions, he won.

Thinks that immediately can obtain Divine Feather Sect the position of proxy Sect Master, his innermost feelings cannot help but scalding hot.

All people announced the result and other day Wu Shenzun, as the final winner, Long Tianming will obtain the unsurpassed glory.

These follow the Long Tianming person, looks the wild with joy color, from now on the future, a person will obtain enlightenment, followerss gain, when Long Shao sat to act the Sect Master throne, their this group of people can walk sideways in Divine Feather Sect.

Day Wu Shenzun gaze searched, Nie Li had not appeared, such being the case, acted the position of Sect Master, can only inherit to Long Tianming, he was preparing to announce the result, at this moment, distant place one group of people grazed.

Young people who the gaze institute and place, that leads, should be Nie Li.

Day Wu Shenzun words to mouth.

Long Tianming somewhat worried, how day Wu Shenzun did not know, he has won obviously, day Wu Shenzun unexpectedly acting the position of inheritance Sect Master gave him.

Is it possible that day Wu Shenzun does want to renege on a promise inadequately?

At this moment, drinks sound to transmit high: „Wait / Etc., I have not participated, how can finish?”

Hears this sound, gaze of all people gathered at the person of speech.

„Is Nie Li!”

„Ha Ha, Nie Li came finally!”

After seeing Nie Li, 6 fluttered, Gu Bei, Li Xingyun et al. to seethe with excitement, entire Demon League also seethed with excitement.

Nie Li woke up finally!

Thinks of here red, the Long Yuyin eye socket slightly.

All people were unbearably anxious.

Nie Li fell on Long Tianming et al. the front several hundred meters places, he said with a smile lightly: „Our Demon League has not entered the war, therefore fought had not finished!”

Looks at the Nie Li self-confident appearance, Long Tianming had one not good premonition at heart indistinctly, his clear and resonant voice said: „Your hasn't Demon League participated including the preelection, what is qualified for attending this competition?”

Hears the Long Tianming words, the Divine Feather Sect disciples who the surrounding surrounds whoops.

This discussion sound has not stopped, then hears Long Tianming to continue saying: „Let alone, you join Divine Feather Sect such to select the time, moreover of unknown origin, perhaps is the spy who Demon God Sect sends, usually is a ordinary disciple, that is also all right, to compete our Divine Feather Sect proxy Sect Master, you did not have the qualifications!”

The Divine Feather Sect disciples discussion sound were more, truly Nie Li of unknown origin, does not know where braves, such person competes to act the position of Sect Master, is obviously inappropriate.


„You do not have the qualifications!” A Long Tianming subordinates hiss piece.

Nie Li lightly has actually smiled saying with a smile: „Is entitled, is actually not you decides, you can ask that our Divine Feather Sect five gods revere, I entitled?”

Heard the Nie Li words, Long Tianming the directions arches toward day Wu Shenzun et al. has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying: „Sect Master, several god your father, Nie Li this person of unknown origin, we must be careful are good, moreover before Demon League, has not participated in the preelection, therefore does not have the qualifications to attend the final showdown, but also invited god your father bright mirror!”

The Long Tianming voice falls, the corners of the mouth revealed one to sneer, Nie Li was able, is impossible made these god your father feel relieved to Nie Li, therefore he had victory in the hand!

At this moment, day Wu Shenzun smiles to say lightly: „The moral behavior of Nie Li this person, I can make the guarantee, does not have the issue, I allow Demon League to attend the final showdown! However I said does not calculate, but must several other gods revere also nods is good!”

Heard the day of Wu Shenzun words, the Long Tianming face darken, day Wu Shenzun was Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, was the Situ Beiyan father, it is estimated that was Situ Beiyan lost, day Wu Shenzun somewhat was not feeling well, front is willing to advance Nie Li, after all Nie Li was good to control some.

And how listens to several other gods to honor to say.

In the Nie Li heart actually shows a faint smile, these gods Senior received his gift, these gifts can enable the Martial Ancestor level Expert, the strength also the skip-type growth, these many compounded drugs, let alone bought position of the agent Sect Master, entire Divine Feather Sect can buy. Day Wu Shenzun did possibly oppose?

A moment later, only listens to the exquisite god to honor saying: „I also agreed that Demon League attended the final showdown!”

Hears words that the exquisite god Senior, all people were shocked, the exquisite god Senior, but Dragon Seal Family, Long Tianming but Dragon Seal Family direct descendant, how exquisite god does revere also stands Nie Li?

All person one premonitions, this time matter, perhaps will present an unpredictable big reverse.

„I also agreed!”

„I also agreed!”

The remaining three gods Senior also firmly expressed their manner.

This result, the command presented all Divine Feather Sect disciples to shock, their gaze looked to Nie Li, a little doubts, how Nie Li obtained five gods to honor the support. Today's matter ended, no matter Nie Li whether has been acted the position of Sect Master, the Nie Li status is not perhaps common.

But Nie Li only the person who obtains five god your father to approve! Acts Sect Master to be important?

„Since five gods Senior agreed that our Demon League can enter the war?” Nie Li looks at Long Tianming with a smile.

Long Tianming was annoyed, he does not know that actually Nie Li has used any method, how to convince five gods to honor, properly speaking by the Nie Li status, cannot see including the surface that five gods Senior is right. But such inconceivable matter, it lived, Long Tianming does not have the means!

„Snort, since five gods Senior agreed that I did not have the words saying that although your Demon League can attend the final showdown, but, I will make you suffer a more disastrous defeat!” Long Tianming cloudy coldly snort a sound track.( To be continued.)

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